movies and booze hastag list 2019

The Movies And Booze Hashtag List

If you're looking for me on a Friday afternoon you'll find me over on Twitter hosting the now iconic Movies and Booze Hashtag Game for the Sean Moncrieff show on Newstalk.

Now in its ninth year, the world's longest running scheduled hashtag game frequently tops the Irish trend.

So, in a bid to avoid repetition and for those of you interested in what's gone before, here's the list from 2019 and some of the best puns during the year:

  • 2019

  • Game 382: #ReelingInTheDecadeMovies: What Memes May Come. Let The Right Wing In. You, #MeToo and Dupree.
  • Game 381: #WoollyMovies: Aran Away. Good Twill Hunting. Dye Hard.
  • Game 380: #OfficePartyMovies: As Good As It Regrets. St Elmo's Fired. Grope Floats.
  • Game 379: #SplitsvilleMovies: The Let Go Movie. Guess Who's Coming To Tinder. Cry Hard.
  • Game 378: #PoeticMovies: The Big Sleep (Perchance To Dream). Heany, I Shrunk The Kids. Poetic Justice League.
  • Game 377: #AustralianMovies: MissiSkippy Burning. Dingo Unchained. Mortal Wombat.
  • Game 376: #JuicyMovies: Watery Shit Down. Death Squish. The Mark Of Lizzo.
  • Game 375: #GayboMovies: Little Bishop Of Horrors. No Sex Please, We're Irish. Dances with Boyzone.
  • Game 374: #NarcissisticMovies: Golden I. ProMEtheus. Debbie Does Debbie.
  • Game 373: #JacuzziMovies: Is That Your Left Foot? Guess Who's Coming To Simmer. Bubblejuice.
  • Game 372: #OperaticMovies: A Diva Runs Through It. Cosi Fan Tootsie. Paint Your Wagner.
  • Game 371: #CougarMovies: For A Few Demi's Moore. Wheezy Rider. Old Dear Hunter.
  • Game 370: #CleavageMovies: Nice Pair Lady. Your Hills Have Eyes. Boob With A View.
  • Game 369: #IndigestionMovies: The Rennie-venant. Acid And Nancy. Gaviscon Girl.
  • Game 368: #PointyMovies: Pinception. Hannah And Her Scissors. Raiders Of The Lost Fork.
  • Game 367: #GAAMovies: Hurl, Interrupted. Men Who Stare At Posts. GAATTACA.
  • Game 366: #VPOTUSMovies: The Hateful Straight. White House Clown. White Club.
  • Game 365: #CosmeticSurgeryMovies: He's Shot Fat Into You. Booby Tights. The Pert Locker
  • Game 364: #SwedishMovies: Bjorn On The 4th Of July. The Bergman Of Alcatraz. The Magnificent Sven.
  • Game 363: #ToothyMovies: Incisor I'm Dancing. The Cavityville Horror. Bicuspid Vinny.
  • Game 362: #CircumcisionMovies: Top Gone. Boyz With No Hood. Reversal Of Foreskin.
  • Game 361: #GolfistMovies: Mo' Putter Blues. Rosemary's Birdie. My Left Putt.
  • Game 360: #SeagullMovies: Invasion Of The Doggy Snatchers. Robbin Food, Prince Of Thieves. Mean Gulls.
  • Game 359: #SpreadableMovies: Seven Knives For Seven Butters. Marmalady Bird. Far And P?t?.
  • Game 358: #12thMovies: The Vanity Of The Bonfires. Rat-A-Tat-Tat-Tatouille. Lock, Stock and 200,000 Smoking Pallets.
  • Game 357: #DryMovies: Brittle Women. The Jerky. Scabby Gilmore.
  • Game 356: #FlabbyMovies: Moobstruck. Three Chins Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Gutloose.
  • Game 355: #MarineMammalMovies: The Humpback Of Notre Dame. Desperately Seeking Sushi. Crazy Rich Cetaceans.
  • Game 354: #ErogenousMovies: Tingle White Female. Shudder Island. UP! a bit.
  • Game 353: #PessimisticMovies: A Star Is Dead. From Here To Maybe The End Of Next Week. Mission Improbable.
  • Game 352: #SwingGateMovies: Swinglorious Basterds. P.S. I Shove You. Straight Outta Compo.
  • Game 351: #SpiceGirlsMovies: The Good, The Bad, The Out of Tune, The Marriage Wrecker & The Wag. Silence Of The Mutton Dressed As Lambs. What Women Want, What They Really Really Want
  • Game 350: #PhonographicMovies: Sleeping With The NME. Vinyl's Are Forever. Flip Side Story.
  • Game 349: #CaffeinatedMovies: No Country For Gold Blend. Not Sleping With The Enemy. Basic Instant.
  • Game 348: #SqueamishMovies: The Gums Of Nanna Jones. Popped Eye. Abscess All Areas.
  • Game 347: #ShoeMovies: Dr Shoevago. Alice In Timberlands. Fifty Suedes of Grey.
  • Game 346: #GameOfThronesMovies: A Stark Is Born. Some Like It GOT. Inglori-Ice Basterds.
  • Game 345: #DutchMovies: Seven Cycle Paths. Windmill & I. Oh Brothel, Where Art Thou?
  • Game 344: #EmbarrassingMovies: Flies Wide Open. Driving Miss Oopsa-Daisy. Dirty Dad Dancing.
  • Game 343: #MentalistMovies: I Know What You Did Next Summer. The Taking Of Pelham 1,2,3...And You're Back In The Room. The Medium Lebowski.
  • Game 342: #PoliticallyCorrectMovies: The Food Preparer, The Individual With Non-Conforming Views on Property Ownership, His Gender-Non Specific Life Partner and Her Associate in a Non-Confirming Sexual Relationship.
  • Game 341: #ClimateChangeMovies: Hope Everything Floats. The World Is Hot Enough. The Greatest Shit Show On Earth.
  • Game 340: #DanceMovies: Whirl, Interrupted. Gyrator's Of The Lost Ark. Along Came A Slider.
  • Game 339: #SuckingMovies: The Bridges of Mad Dyson County! Lozenge Translation. Love Vactually.
  • Game 338: #MunsterMovies: Zoolanger. The BallydeHobbit. Cobh Actually.
  • Game 337: #CanadianMovies: Geese. Aboot A Boy. Saturday Night Beaver.
  • Game 336: #RTEMovies: Teresa Mannion Des Sources. If Beale Street Could Talk To Joe. They Don't Feed The Gondolas, Don't They.
  • Game 335: #ShavingMovies: How Stella Got Her Smooth Back. The Light Muff. Cock Hollywood.
  • Game 334: #ShellfishMovies: Crabaret. The Incredible Shrimping Man. Sea-Bisque-It.
  • Game 333: #SnoozyMovies: Beddrool. Unwakeable. Casablanket.
  • Game 332: #TobaccoMovies: The Sound Of Mucus. Get Catarrh. Vape Fear.
  • Game 331: #BrokeMovies: Creditor Vs Alien. My Own Private IOU. A Star Is Pawned.

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Foot Note: The Movies And Booze hashtag was started as a result of a really silly conversation between @SeanMoncrieff, @esthermccarthy & @BeerMessiah about the meaning of the word BIN on a wine bottle.