movies and booze hastag list 2017

If you're looking for me on a Friday afternoon you'll find me over on Twitter hosting the now iconic Movies and Booze Hashtag Game for the Sean Moncrieff show on Newstalk.

Now in its ninth year, the world's longest running scheduled hashtag game frequently tops the Irish trend.

So, in a bid to avoid repetition and for those of you interested in what's gone before, here's the list from 2017 and some of the best puns during the year:

  • 2017

  • Game 279: #BrownMovies: HP Feet. Beigewatch. Rosemary's Gravy.
  • Game 278: #YuleMovies: Cheeses Of Nazareth. Puddin' On The Ritz. The Wolf Of Quality Street.
  • Game 277: #VibratingMovies: Moan Alone. Robocock. Nokia 3:10 To Yuma.
  • Game 276: #KrisKringleMovies: Total Regift. Dude, Where's My Card? Token.
  • Game 275: #LateLateToyShowMovies: Barbie O'Gill And The Little People. Kill Billy Barry. Bratatouille.
  • Game 274: #CrispyMovies: Salt On Precinct 13. So I Murdered A Snax Murderer. Lord Of The Onion Rings.
  • Game 273: #BeefyMovies: The Jerkey. The Lovely T-Bones. Look Who's Talking "Moo".
  • Game 272: #SlimyMovies: The 40 Year Old Urchin. Withsnail & I. P.S. I Slug You.
  • Game 271: #FeatheredMovies: Love Quacktually. A Few Good Hen's. My Webbed Foot.
  • Game 270: #HalloweenMovies: The Hunt For Dead October. Ghoul Moaning Vietnam. Ferris Boo!-lers Day Off.
  • Game 269: #StormyMovies: Don't Make any Unecessary Journies to the Center of the Earth. Debbie Does Debris. Roofless People.
  • Game 268: #DrunkMovies: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Seat. Sloshed In Translation. Apackocrisps Now!
  • Game 267: #MoneyMovies: The Pursuit Of Halfpennies. Gentlemen Prefer Bonds. Moolah Rouge.
  • Game 266: #FlirtyMovies: Tease With Mussolini. The Empire Texts Back. Coy Story.
  • Game 265: #FuneralMovies: Dances With Worms. Flushing Nemo. There Will Be Sandwiches.
  • Game 264: #GBBOMovies: The Sills Have Pie's. Judgement At Battenberg. Tart Wars.
  • Game 263: #EducationalMovies: Crammer V's Crammer. Saving for Private Grinds. The Matrixculation.
  • Game 262: #EPMovies: Carry On Glamping. There Will Be Mud. Peeing There?
  • Game 261: #ConorMcGregorMovies: A Room With A Pay-Per View. I Know Who You Fought Last, Plumber. Look Who's Trash Talking Now.
  • Game 260: #AngryMovies: Dunk-irked. The Alt-Right Club. Unexpected Item In Bagging Area 51.
  • Game 259: #FairyMovies: Trolltal Recall. The Fast And The Fairious. Lepre-Con Air.
  • Game 258: #AnxiousMovies: 28 Days Late. My Stressed Friends Wedding. Stop Making Tense.
  • Game 257: #VinBMovies: Guest, Interrupted. The Harangover. Interview With A Vinpire.
  • Game 256: #MedievalMovies: The 14 Year Old Virgin. Armourgeddon. Romanesque Holiday.
  • Game 255: #GassyMovies: They Came From Odour Space. Carry On Up The Fiber. Bowel Trouble In Little China.
  • Game 254: #NoisyMovies: We Bought A Kazoo. The Sirens of the Lambs. Loud, Actually.
  • Game 253: #MundaneMovies: They Shoe Horses, Don't They? Tax Return Of The Jedi. Snakes And Ladders On A Plane.
  • Game 252: #MouthyMovies: Captain Corelli's Mandible. The Man Who Chewed Too Much. Flossed In Translation.
  • Game 251: #CyclistMovies: Things To Do In Lycra When You're Dead. O Rothar, Where Art Thou? Wall - AAAAAAAH!
  • Game 250: #OrangeMovies: Bad Fanta. Sashdance. Finding Netherlands.
  • Game 249: #SnackyMovies: A Pack Of Crisps Now! Ten Things I Ate Without You. Guess Who's Ruining Their Dinner?
  • Game 248: #MusclyMovies: The Secret Life Of Pecs. Coogan's Buff. Men In Black Spandex.
  • Game 247: #AdulterousMovies: Wife Of Brian. Hidin' Miss Daisy. Happy Cheat.
  • Game 246: #TattooedMovies: Needlejuice. Snakes On A Dame. Letters On Brezhnev.
  • Game 245: #SnottyMovies: Nasal Seals. The Talented Mr Sniffley. Blocked Up.
  • Game 244: #BankerMovies: The Girl With The Dragi Tattoo. Anglo Unchained. Nama Mia!
  • Game 243: #SheepyMovies: Mister Holland's Ovis. Baabaarella. Look, Ewe's Talking.
  • Game 242: #GoodFridayMovies: With Nail And AIEEEEEEEE!!!!! Nailed And Confused. In The Name Of The Martyr.
  • Game 241: #UpMarketMovies: The Caviar-tist. Air Porsche One. Steak, Out.
  • Game 240: #OutOfDateMovies: I Wear What You Did Last Summer. Nokia 33:10 To Yuma. Jackie Brown Bin.
  • Game 239: #PornMovies: AAH! AAH! Land. Saturday Night Beaver. Malcom XXX.
  • Game 238: #OirishMovies: Father Of The Ride. Tayto Recall. Paddy Day Care.
  • Game 237: #MingingMovies: Fecaljuice. Diarrhoea Of A Wimpy Kid. A Room With A Poo.
  • Game 236: #LentenMovies: Forgo. No Crunchies For Old Men. Dude, Where's My Carbs?
  • Game 235: #WateryMovies: Darby Eau Gill & The Vittel People. 10 Things I Hydrate About You. The LaGoonies.
  • Game 234: #AcidMovies: The Hills Have Eyes, Man!!! P.h. I Love You. Ravers Of The Lost Ark.
  • Game 233: #BaldMovies: The Empire Strikes Back, Sack & Crack. Shavearse. Thatch Me If You Can.
  • Game 232: #TinderMovies: Fun With Dick Pics And Jane. Look Who's Stalking. Good MILF Hunting.
  • Game 231: #MilkyMovies: Bainne On The Fourth Of July. I Know What UHT Did Last Summer. Fantastic Breasts And Where To Find Them.
  • Game 230: #HardMovies: The Right Stiff. The Carbonite Of The Living Dead. He Just Got That Into You.
  • Game 229: #MidlifeMovies: Journey To The Garden Center Of The Earth. 10 Things I HRT About You. Enemy Of The Prostate.
  • Game 228: #ArmageddonMovies: Mushroom Cloudy With A Chance Of Heatballs. It's Been A Wonderful Life. The Taking of Potassium Iodide One Two Three.

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Foot Note: The Movies And Booze hashtag was started as a result of a really silly conversation between @SeanMoncrieff, @esthermccarthy & @BeerMessiah about the meaning of the word BIN on a wine bottle.