movies and booze hastag list 2016

If you're looking for me on a Friday afternoon you'll find me over on Twitter hosting the now iconic Movies and Booze Hashtag Game for the Sean Moncrieff show on Newstalk.

Now in its ninth year, the world's longest running scheduled hashtag game frequently tops the Irish trend.

So, in a bid to avoid repetition and for those of you interested in what's gone before, here's the list from 2016 and some of the best puns during the year:

  • 2016

  • Game 227: #WitchyMovies: My Pretty Woman. Warts And Peace. The Magnificent Coven.
  • Game 226: #NativityMovies: The Stable Guy. The Lone Manger. It's A Wonderful Lie.
  • Game 225: #RabbitMovies: The Carotty Kid. That Thing You Stew. Warren Peace.
  • Game 224: #LingerieMovies: I Know That You Did Ann Summers. The Dark Knightie Rises. The Man In The Iron Basque.
  • Game 223: #StickyMovies: Tarface. For Whom the Vel Cros. Adhere To Eternity.
  • Game 222: #FeministMovies: Ms Daisy Drives Herself. The Great Contraceptive Train Robbery. Oestrogen of Eden.
  • Game 221: #PiggyMovies: The Man From O.I.N.K.L.E. From Rasher With Love. Parmageddon.
  • Game 220: #POTUSMovies: The C**t With The Red Combover. 27 Stained Dresses. What's Eating Gilbert Grope.
  • Game 219: #HygienicMovies: Dettol Becomes Her. Robomop. Clean Streets.
  • Game 218: #BDSMMovies: The Talented Mr Whip-Me. Blazing Paddles. Submission Impossible.
  • Game 217: #SnobbyMovies: Lower Caste Away. Accent Of A Woman. Patronize This.
  • Game 216: #ItchyMovies: Three Men And A Little Scabies. Scratch Me If You Can. Footlice.
  • Game 215: #ProfaneMovies: The Horseshit Whisperer. Kung F You Panda. Fannie.
  • Game 214: #PolygamyMovies: Paramormon Activity. She's Just Not That Into Two. Along Came Pollygamy.
  • Game 213: #VirginityMovies: Hymens Are Forever. Thighs Wide Shut. Monastic Mr Fox.
  • Game 212: #ViceMovies: Witness For The Prostitution. The Whores Whisperer. Gregory's Call Girl.
  • Game 211: #GossipMovies: Beetlejuicy. Anectotal Recall. The Seven Year Bitch.
  • Game 210: #FestivalMovies: Quatermass And The Mosh Pit. Ocean's Eleven Quid For A Pint! Mingin' In The Rain.
  • Game 209: #RoseOfTraleeMovies: The Bad Poets Society. For Your Diddly-Eyes Only. The Bridgets Of Madison County.
  • Game 208: #GardeningMovies: You've Got Snails. Guess Who's Coming To Strim Her? Mulch Ado About Nothing.
  • Game 207: #SoreMovies: Carry On Cramping. Lost In Castration. Planet Of The Aches.
  • Game 206: #DanglyMovies: The Impotence Of Being Earnest. Men Who Stare At Scrotes. Limp Is Beautiful.
  • Game 205: #MummyMovies: Sawdust. Wrapped To The Future. The Invention Of Drying.
  • Game 204: #GeldofMovies: The BFG (Big, Feckin' Gobshite). The Devil Wears Primark. Smokey And The Band Aid.
  • Game 203: #PunkMovies: Steve Gobs. The Riot Stuff. Piss On Boots.
  • Game 202: #VasectomyMovies: Seedless In Seattle. They Shoot Blanks, Don't They? The Man With The Swollen Gun.
  • Game 201: #ManureMovies: You Can't Slurry Love. Forever Dung. Senna(kot).
  • Game 200: #HastaLaVistaMovies - The @carolineclarke Mix: Fecking/Off. Look Who's Not Newstalking Now. Clarke's Exit to Donnybrook.
  • Game 200: #HastaLaVistaMovies - The #BrExit Mix: He's Just Not That Into EU. Two Goldfingers. EU, Me And 2p.
  • Game 199: #NiceMovies: The World Is Indeed Enough. Fifty Shades Of Yay! The Deep Hearted.
  • Game 198: #FrenchMovies: Louvre Actually. Les Misérable Bástards. The Empire Strikes Regularly.
  • Game 197: #DonaldMovies: President Evil. Top Goon. Paint Your Wig-on.
  • Game 196: #WasteMovies: There Will Be Crud. Trashdance. Litter From Iwo Jima.
  • Game 195: #DragMovies: Frocked Up. Horrible Bustles. You've Got Male Genitalia.
  • Game 194: #OrchestralMovies: Cello Dolly. Bach To The Future. The Social Clarinet Work.
  • Game 193: #MoistMovies: Don't Leak Now. Sodden Impact. Sweaty Blue.
  • Game 192: #BurpMovies: Gassy Come Home. For Whom The Belch Tolls. Wyatt Burp.
  • Game 191: #PrinceMovies: Dove Actually. Singing In The Purple Rain. U Got The Look Who's Talking.
  • Game 190: #SoccerMovies: Saturday Night FIFA. Cruyff Freedom. The Theory Of Everton.
  • Game 189: #OralMovies: Fatal Extraction. LexiCon Air. Meet Joe Plaque.
  • Game 188: #TeenageMovies: The I Didn't Ask To Be Bourne Identity. Gawky Park. The Pimple V's Fairly Skint.
  • Game 187: #CatholicMovies: I Know What You Did Last Supper. Pope Floats. M*A*S*S.
  • Game 186: #SoloMovies: Toss Sir With Love. Straight Outta Kleenex. All The President's Mess.
  • Game 185: #RodentMovies: This Is Spinal Trap. Chinchilla Sky. Rentokill Bill.
  • Game 184: #MonkeyMovies: Five Easy Feces. Unforgibbon. Mission Chimpossible.
  • Game 183: #DoggyMovies: The Postman Always Tastes Nice. The Great Dane Robbery. The King's Leash.
  • Game 182: #HoleMovies: Colander Girls. The World According To Gap. The Trench Connection.
  • Game 181: #ElectionMovies: Coalition Impossible. Pushing Spin. Snakes On A Campaign.
  • Game 180: #OrgyMovies: The Grateful Eight. Pretty Shitty Gang Bang. You, Me And M'Gee.
  • Game 179: #SupermarketMovies: An American Warewolf In Londis. The Fault In Our Spars. The Good, The Bad And The Aldi.
  • Game 178: #BreakfastMovies: Men Who Stare At Oats. Life Of Bran. Inglorious Rashers.
  • Game 177: #ActorMovies: Dead Man Walken. Where Seagal's Dare. 10 Things I Hate About Hugh Grant.
  • Game 176: #InsectMovies: Straight Out Of Compost. The Pupae V's Larry Flynt. Wasp Eating Gilbert Grape.

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Foot Note: The Movies And Booze hashtag was started as a result of a really silly conversation between @SeanMoncrieff, @esthermccarthy & @BeerMessiah about the meaning of the word BIN on a wine bottle.