movies and booze hastag list 2014

If you're looking for me on a Friday afternoon you'll find me over on Twitter hosting the now iconic Movies and Booze Hashtag Game for the Sean Moncrieff show on Newstalk.

Now in its ninth year, the world's longest running scheduled hashtag game frequently tops the Irish trend.

So, in a bid to avoid repetition and for those of you interested in what's gone before, here's the list from 2014 and some of the best puns during the year:

  • 2014

  • Game 124: #WeatherMovies: IsoBar - Fly. True Gritter. Squall-E.
  • Game 123: #TurkeyMovies: My Best Friend's Stuffing. What's Eating Giblet Grape. The Turkey Crown Affair.
  • Game 122: #SantaMovies: Carlito's Sleigh. Kringle White Female. The Grand Budapest Ho Ho Ho-tel.
  • Game 121: #FastFoodMovies: The Madras Of King George. For Your Fries Only. Reservoir Hotdogs.
  • Game 120: #PantieMovies: The Frills Have Eyes. King Thong. The Britches Of Eastwick.
  • Game 119: #FurryMovies: The Devil Wears Panda. Who Farmed Roger Rabbit. Taxidermy Driver.
  • Game 118: #KissingMovies: The Man With The Golden Tongue. Herpes Goes Bananas. The Facesucker Proxy.
  • Game 117: #TypoMovies: The Hangover Fart II. Stop Or My Mom Will Shit. Meet The Fuckers.
  • Game 116: #PopeMovies: Infallible Me. The Life Of Pius. He7en.
  • Game 115: #GoreMovies: Snow White And The Severed Dwarf. Look Ooze Talking. Slashdance.
  • Game 114: #sitcommovies: Seinfield Of Dreams. The 39 Steptoes. One Foot In The Shallow Grave.
  • Game 113: #rottenmovies: Gone Off Girl. Carrion Doctor. The Stench Lieutenant's Woman.
  • Game 112: #lunchmovies: Chipper By The Dozen. Jean De Baguette. The 51st Steak.
  • Game 111: #babymovies: The Thumbsucker Proxy. My Breast Fed's Wedding. The Liga Gentlemen.
  • Game 110: #bowiemovies: LaBowieRinth. The Year Of Living Bisexually. Young American Psycho.
  • Game 109: #leakymovies: Desperately Seeping Susan. Showers In The Attic. Seeping With The Enemy.
  • Game 108: #tinymovies:The Flea Musketeers. 12 Sea Monkeys. Petting Zoolander.
  • Game 107: #failmovies: Donny Fiasco. George Of The Bungle. When Harry Wet Sally
  • Game 106: #bandmovies: Status Quo Vadis. Toto Recall. The Evil Bread.
  • Game 105: #burningmovies: Bird On A Pyre. Cinder-Ella. Jerry Maguire & Patterson.
  • Game 104: #bathroommovies: The Bleach. My Own Privy Idaho. Cillit Cillit Bang Bang.
  • Game 103: #teamovies: Strainer V's Strainer. World War Tea. While You Were Steeping.
  • Game 102: #nudemovies: Uncle Buck-Naked. Jumpin' Crack Flash. Fear of Clothing in Las Vegas.
  • Game 101: #magalufmovies: The Royal Jagerbombs. The Cocksucker Proxy. Das Bootaaay.
  • Game 100: #medicalmovies: Manon Des Sores. Chronicles of Hernia. The Gland That Time Forgot.
  • Game 99: #garthmovies: The World According To Garth. The DeGarthed. Edge of Garthness.
  • Game 98: #seamenmovies: Men Who Stare At Boats. Gull Interrupted. Maritimed To The Mob.
  • Game 97: #fadmovies: Me, Myselfie And Irene. Planking Of The Apes. Thighmaster And Commander.
  • Game 96: #painmovies: My Zipper Ran Through It. Twinge Peaks. Hannah And Her Cysts.
  • Game 95: #bikermovies: A Fish Called Honda. The Big Kawasaki. Brewster's Pillions.
  • Game 94: #stdmovies: Itchcock. Sliding Sores. Thrush Hour.
  • Game 93: #mucusmovies: This Pickable Meal. The Discharge Of The Light Brigade. Á bout de sniffle.
  • Game 92: #spookymovies: Graveheart. Púca-haunts-us. No Country for Omen.
  • Game 91: #swearmovies: Raging Bullshit. Foul By Mouth. The Bitch Over The River Kwai.
  • Game 90: #soapymovies: Kissing Cussons. Dove Actually. Jacob's Lather.
  • Game 89: #feetmovies: The Fungal Book. Brogue Trader. Heelraiser.
  • Game 88: #abstinencemovies: Dry Another Day. In Cold Turkey Blood. The Jewel Of Denial.
  • Game 87: #hairymovies: The Braid Of Frankenstein. A Man For All Vidal Sassoons. Bangs Of New York.
  • Game 86: #psychicmovies: Apocalypse Later. Mystic Congeniality. The Taroting Inferno.
  • Game 85: #smellymovies: Malodorous Basterds. There's Some Stink About Mary. 101 Wet Dalmatians.
  • Game 84: #sexymovies: The Schlong Kiss Goodnight. Risqué Business. The Wedding Finger.
  • Game 83: #irishmovies: Transfarmers. Weekend At Berties. Annie Hall's Pictorial Weekly.
  • Game 82: #socialmediamovies: The Spy Who Liked Me. Couples Retweet. DM For Murder.
  • Game 81: #contraceptivemovies: Withdrawal and I. Good Pill Hunting. American History Durex.
  • Game 80: #rudemovies: Men Who Swear At Goats. The Curt Locker. 12 Years A Slut.
  • Game 79: #lurvemovies: Lego-ver Movie. Too Fast, She's Furious. All Over Eve.
  • Game 78: #poohmovies: Boweling For Columbine. The Perfect Shit Storm. Faeces/Off.
  • Game 77: #jerkmovies: Mandela: Long Wank to Freedom. Cool Hand Lube. Done In 60 Seconds.
  • Game 76: #fatmovies: 24 Hour Portly People. Gout Of Africa. The Slim Fast And The Furious.
  • Game 75: #feudmovies: Rowdy With A Chance Of Street Brawls! The Violence Of The Lambs. The Long Good Feudday.
  • Game 74: #fitnessmovies: Drying Moist Daisy. They Shoot Steroids, Don't They? What's Chafing Gilbert's Grapes?
  • Game 73: #vegmovies: My Beautiful Courgette. The Face of Fu Mangetout. I Marrowed An Axe Murderer.

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Foot Note: The Movies And Booze hashtag was started as a result of a really silly conversation between @SeanMoncrieff, @esthermccarthy & @BeerMessiah about the meaning of the word BIN on a wine bottle.