movies and booze hastag list 2013

If you're looking for me on a Friday afternoon you'll find me over on Twitter hosting the now iconic Movies and Booze Hashtag Game for the Sean Moncrieff show on Newstalk.

Now in its ninth year, the world's longest running scheduled hashtag game frequently tops the Irish trend.

So, in a bid to avoid repetition and for those of you interested in what's gone before, here's the list from 2013 and some of the best puns during the year:

  • 2013

  • Game 72: #humbugmovies: Feck The Halls. A Christmas Quarrel. Baahhh To The Future.
  • Game 71: #crimbomovies: Nogged Up. Me, My Elf & Irene. Malcolm Xmas.
  • Game 70: #knittingmovies: Purl Harbour. Scarfface. Free Woolly.
  • Game 69: #celebmovies: Throw Madonna From The Train. Honey, I Adpoted Some Kids. Two Days In Paris Hilton.
  • Game 68: #catmovies: Drag Me To Hello Kitty. No Pussy For Old Men. Spay Misty For Me.
  • Game 67: #drugmovies: There Will Be Blood Tests. When Harry Meth Sally. 10 Things I Love/Hate About You.
  • Game 66: #zitmovies: Clearasil and Present Danger. 12 Acne Men. Mary's Poppings.
  • Game 65: #kindmovies: Do The Nice Thing. Minding Nemo. The Magnanimous Seven.
  • Game 64: #chefmovies: Entree the Dragon. I Spit In Your Gravy. The Hungry Games.
  • Game 63: #standupmovies: The Importance Of Being Eric And Earnest. Rita, Sue and Bob Monkhouse Too. Ben Hur, Hur, Hur, Hur, Hur, Hur.
  • Game 62: #winemovies: Fist Of Fluerie. Burgundy After Reading. Cloudy With A Chance Of Sediment.
  • Game 61: #moustachemovies: 2001 - A Face Oddity. T*A*S*H. Men Who Stare at Goatees.
  • Game 60: #grannymovies: Dear, Where's My Car? Along Came Poligrip. The Old Dear Hunter.
  • Game 59: #poshmovies: 10 things I Hate About Penneys. I Loike Tooootally Know What You Did Loike Last Summer. No Cointreau For Old Men.
  • Game 58: #sovietmovies: Dude, Where's My Tsar? Putin On The Ritz. Kremlins.
  • Game 57: #cocktailmovies: Last of the Mojitos. There's Something About Bloody Mary. Tequila Mocking Bird.
  • Game 56: #datingmovies: Edward Busyhands. The Unbearable Shiteness of Being Stood Up. Good Willy Hunting.
  • Game 55: #twerkmovies: I Squat At Your Rave. Grinding Nemo. Twerking Girl.
  • Game 54: #cheesemovies: Grate Expectations. Easi Single White Female. Camembert Run.
  • Game 53: #brainmovies: MRI Robot. Cranium V's Cranium. The Big Lobebowski.
  • Game 52: #eggmovies: Eggs With Benedicts. Yolkback Mountain. The World Is Not An Oeuf.
  • Game 51: #grudgemovies: Ill Will Hunting. Spite Club. Debbie Does Malice.
  • Game 50: #deadrockstarmovies: Bring Me The Head of Jerry Garcia. The Best Erotic Asphyxiation Hotel. Things To Do With John Denver When He's Dead.
  • Game 49: #icecreammovies: Hazelbrookback Mountain. Ninety Nine And A Half Weeks. Flakes On A Plane.
  • Game 48: #skangermovies: Seven Rides For Seven Brothers. Raiders Of The Closed Spar. Brokeback Mount-Joy.
  • Game 47: #corkmovies: There Will Be Inbreeding. One Hour Fota. Mallow Grave.
  • Game 46: #fartmovies: Blaming Private Ryan. The Hunt For Rectal Odour. A Room With A ...Phew...
  • Game 45: #galwaymovies: Withnail & Athenry. The Eagle has LeisureLanded. The Gort Locker.
  • Game 44: #jesusmovies: You've Got Nails. The Bourne Again Identity. Changing Private Wine.
  • Game 43: #LDNmovies: Battersea's Not Included. Quantum of Boris. Highgate Anxiety.
  • Game 42: #bustedmovies: Penalty Point Break. Catch Me if You....oh. Monsters Clink.
  • Game 41: #sausagemovies: Fry Hard. There Will Be Horse. Dennys From Heaven.
  • Game 40: #redlightmovies: No Discount For Old Men. Who Framed Rampant Rabbit? Brave Arse.
  • Game 39: #trekkiemovies: Vulcano. Klingon In Sixty Seconds. Finding Nimoy.
  • Game 38: #divorcemovies: Honey, I've Taken The Kids. Shallow Halimony. Bedsit's & Broomsticks.
  • Game 37: #diymovies: You've Got Nails. My Best Friends Welding. Cistern Act.
  • Game 36: #makeupmovies: The Lady Varnishes. No7 Psychopaths. Glossed In Translation.
  • Game 35: #whiskeymovies: Single Malt Female. Big Mommas Grouse. A Malt On Precinct 13.
  • Game 34: #fakemovies: There Will Be Bluff. Back To The Forger. Happy (Counter) Feit.
  • Game 33: #deadanimalmovies: Not Finding Nemo. The Bonfire Of The Manatees. A Fistful Of Collars.
  • Game 32: #knobmovies: The Jizz Singer. Glans Labyrinth. Knob, Cock And Two Swinging Goolies.
  • Game 31: #preggersmovies: Forrest Bump. From Here To Maternity. Django Unplanned.
  • Game 30: #femalemovies: The X Chromosome Files. There Will Be Nagging. Mammalia Mia.
  • Game 29: #faketanmovies: Streaky & Hutch. A Clockwork Orange Woman. Jackie (not) Brown.
  • Game 28: #hangovermovies: Bridget Jones Diarrhea. Hair Of The Dog Day Afternoon. There's Something About Bloody Marys.
  • Game 27: #toplessmovies: The Talented Mr. Nippley. There Won't Be Bras. Fun Bags Millionaire.
  • Game 26: #weeweemovies: Four Weddings And A Urinal. The Pissoideon Adventure. Get Cafeter.
  • Game 25: #arsemovies: The Bums Of Navarone. Nine And A Half Cheeks. Good Mooning Vietnam.
  • Game 24: #taxidermymovies: Stuffing Private Ryan. The Hills Have Glass Eyes. Django Embalmed.
  • Game 23: #miserablemovies: Watership Down in the Mouth. Contagious Liaisons. X-Moan.
  • Game 22: #alcoholfreemovies: Ex-Kaliber. The No Hangover I, II & III. It's A Miserable Life.

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Foot Note: The Movies And Booze hashtag was started as a result of a really silly conversation between @SeanMoncrieff, @esthermccarthy & @BeerMessiah about the meaning of the word BIN on a wine bottle.