The Movies And Booze Hashtag List

If you're looking for me on a Friday afternoon you'll find me over on Twitter hosting the now iconic Movies and Booze Hashtag Game for the Sean Moncrieff show on Newstalk.

Now in its ninth year, the world's longest running scheduled hashtag game frequently tops the Irish trend.

So, in a bid to avoid repetition and for those of you interested in what's gone before, here's the punniest list from 2020 (other years are available) so far:


#GobshiteMovies - October 16th 2020

  • The Alt-Right Stuff
  • Moby Dickhead
  • Beyond The Valley Of The Dail

What's gone before...

  • Game 422: #ProcrastinatingMovies: Defer Madness. Avartardy. The Neverstarting Story.
  • Game 421: #FarRightMovies: White Men Chant Trump. Let The White One In. Proud Boys 'n the Hood.
  • Game 420: #KidsTVMovies: Dora! Dora! Dora! Wes Craven's Newsround. Il Postino: Pat.
  • Game 419: #GrindingMovies: Blade Rubber. Crouching Grinder - Hidden Clamper. The Secret Life Of DeWalt-er Mitty.
  • Game 418: #MonasticMovies: The Flagellating Baker Boys. She's Gotta Habit. The Hateful Celibate.
  • Game 417: #RideyMovies: I'm Thinking About Your End On My Thing. Top Bum. Rihanna And Her Sisters.
  • Game 416: #BoiledMovies: We Need To Talk About 373.1339° Kelvin. Debbie Does Trotters. The Fabulous Bacon And Cabbage Boys.
  • Game 415: #GolfGateMovies: The BFG: Bunch of Feckin' Gowlbags. Eat, Golf, Resign. Never Ending Sorry.
  • Game 414: #AerosolMovies: Deodorantz. Weekend At Burn Eze. The Witches of Airwick.
  • Game 413: #NosyMovies: Data Buyers Club. Ice Station TMZebra. Inquisitive Basterds.
  • Game 412: #ProductPlacementMovies: The WD40 Year Old Virgin. The Hateful iPhone 8. Thelma And Febreze
  • Game 411: #MuseumMovies: VanG/Off. Oh Brother, Where Art Is. The Spy Who Louvred Me.
  • Game 410: #ScabbyMovies: A Scar Is Born. Miss Congealediality. Grazing Arazona.
  • Game 409: #BoardGameMovies: Batteries Not In Cluedo. In Trivial Persuit Of Happiness. Hasbro Unchained.
  • Game 408: #PPEMovies: The Hood, The Bag And The Glovely. The Dukes Of Hazmat. Dressed Not To Kill.
  • Game 407: #ConspiracyMovies: Illuminatitouille. Easy Fluoriders. Pushing Tinfoil.
  • Game 406: #PfGMovies: Pedestrianize This. Coalescing With The Enemy. No Country For Old IRA Men.
  • Game 405: #ProtestMovies: Bra On Fire. Dude, Where's My Karen? Star Wars, The Hunger Strikes Back.
  • Game 404: #CulturedMovies: Bourgeoiz In Da Hood. The Post Graduate. Acropolis Now!
  • Game 403: #CaravanningMovies: Fanny By Gaslights. The Shite In A Bucket List. Pitched Perfect.
  • Game 402: #CircusMovies: Tamer vs. Tamer. Falling Clown. Bareback Mounting.
  • Game 401: #SatiricalMovies: The Hills Have Roll Eyes. Much Hebdo About Nothing. Twainspotting.
  • Game 400: #BlackMarketMovies: Boy's In The Hoodies. Toy Story 2, For A Fiver. Pirated DVD's Of The Caribbean.
  • Game 400: #TrouserMovies: Mortal Combats. 28 Days Lederhosen. For Whom The Belt Holds.
  • Game 399: #FormalFridayMovies: Frocktopussy. Dickie Beau Gest. Louis Cop Land.
  • Game 398: #OnionsMovies: Shallot Grave. No Time To Dice. Truly Bhaji Deeply.
  • Game 397: #PudgyMovies: Love Handles Actually. Double Chindemnity. See Biscuits.
  • Game 396: #SinfulMovies: The Day After Gomorrah. Gluttony On The Bounty. Lust Of The Mohicans.
  • Game 395: #ComfyMovies: Dude, Where's My Bra? The Big Lie-Downski. Superbed.
  • Game 394: #SocialDistancingMovies: The Magnificently Spaced Seven. Lives Wide Shut. Distantz.
  • Game 393: #StockpilingMovies: Best LIDL Hoardhouse In Texas. Face/Off In Aisle 5. Battle For The Punnet Of The Grapes.
  • Game 392: #SouthAmericanMovies: In Bed With Maradonna. Silence Of The Llamas. Juan Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.
  • Game 391: #CelibateMovies: Mutiny On The Booty. 28 Days Nocopu-lator. Kevin Can Wait.
  • Game 390: #ContagiousMovies: Strep Throat. The Da Vinci Cold. The Evil Spread.
  • Game 389: #GamblingMovies: Debt Wish. 1917 To 1. The Hateful 888.
  • Game 388: #IntimateAdultNoveltyProductMovies: The Secret Life Of Beads. Fun With Dick And Chains. Rear Windhole.
  • Game 387: #GeneticallyModifiedMovies: The Soy In The Striped Pig-Lamas. Desperately Tweaking Susan. A Tail And Two Titties.
  • Game 386: #GE2020Movies: You've Got Dáil. Lie Another Way. Raging Bullshit.
  • Game 385: #OffalMovies: My Dinner With Glandre. Bits, Nail & Eye. An Offally Big Nadventure.
  • Game 384: #MathematicalMovies: WALL-E=MC2. Carrie The Two. Algebridesmaids.
  • Game 383: #VampireMovies: Necks In The City. Nibble Women. The Greatest Cape.

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Foot Note: The Movies And Booze hashtag was started as a result of a really silly conversation between @SeanMoncrieff, @esthermccarthy & @BeerMessiah about the meaning of the word BIN on a wine bottle.