The Movies And Booze Hashtag List

If you're looking for me on a Friday afternoon you'll find me over on Twitter hosting the now iconic Movies and Booze Hashtag Game for the Sean Moncrieff show on Newstalk.

Now in its ninth year, the world's longest running scheduled hashtag game frequently tops the Irish trend.

So, in a bid to avoid repetition and for those of you interested in what's gone before, here's the punniest list from 2020 (other years are available) so far:


#OffalMovies - Jan 17th

  • My Dinner With Glandre
  • Bits, Nail & Eye
  • An Offally Big Nadventure

What's gone before...

  • 2020

  • #MathematicalMovies: WALL-E=MC2. Carrie The Two. Algebridesmaids.
  • #VampireMovies: Necks In The City. Nibble Women. The Greatest Cape.

Choose A Year:

Foot Note: The Movies And Booze hashtag was started as a result of a really silly conversation between @SeanMoncrieff, @esthermccarthy & @BeerMessiah about the meaning of the word BIN on a wine bottle.